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Listen very closely to the sound, put the mind on the sound. Again, be very conscious of everything we’re doing: the relaxing, the breathing, the meditation on the sound. And when you finish, just sit quietly for a couple of moments and feel the effect. Be conscious of the quietness.
All right, everybody take a big breath, let it out and relax. Now very slowly, deeply and gently inhale and chant GAU-RA-ANG-GA in the mind.


All right. You’ve experienced before, I’m sure, this is very easy meditation and also very relaxing. It’s a very nice way to begin your day. When you wake up in the morning, the first five, ten, fifteen minutes or more you can do the meditation. So also it’s an excellent way to end the day. We’re busy all day, we come home, we’re tired, frustrated, maybe a little angry. Just forget all that: sit down, relax, do your meditation and go to sleep. But you can do it any time.

When you do this meditation, you actually surround yourself with a little bubble of transcendental sound and, technically speaking, at that time you’re really not in the material world. You’re in the spiritual atmosphere. You can create that whenever you want.

Also sometimes there’s some disturbance: traffic noise, kids playing, dogs barking; like here you can hear so much noise around. If we were trying to silently meditate here, it would be very difficult. But when we chant the mantras, that disturbance disappears. So it’s perfectly suitable for this chaotic time period.