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Video broadcast will be on the Ukrainian version of the site, as well as on youtube channel Balakhilya UA

27 and 28, March 2017, we invite you to visit two unique lectures of worldwide known expert in Vedic philosophy, yoga and meditation – Balakhilya das, who will visit Ukraine for a few days during his world tour.

He will talk about what karma is, its laws and how they act. Why do good and bad things happen to us? Where are we led by a particular deed? Can we change our life if everything is known in advance?

Also, you will learn what meditation and karma have in common. You will discover various aspects of meditation that allow us to understand who we are and what our purpose in life is, and how to apply these practices in everyday life.

You will hear answers to these and many other questions on lectures, and you will also be able to ask Balakhilya das questions.

All participants will receive an exclusive gift in memory.

PRICE: free participation
WHERE: Lviv Philharmonic Str. Tchaikovsky, 7
WHEN: March 27, “Karma”, March 28, “Meditation.” Beginning at 18:30
DETAILS: 093-240-69-12