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A new seminar was held at the beginning of May in the area of Koncha-Zaspa, one of the biggest recreation centers in the Kiev region.

This legendary place would not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated travelers: fantastic views over the Dnieper river, coniferous-leaved forests, beautiful glades, lush vegetation, glimpses of the lakes through the trees, and blooming white lilies on the blue glassy water surface. At the beginning of the 20th century, this land with unique oak groves belonged to Kiev monasteries and the royal family.

The retreat had a complete program for the study of the Bhakti yoga process. The daily schedule included practices of group and individual mantra meditation techniques, and lectures revealing the essence of Vedic knowledge, the deepest philosophy and a practical guide for our daily lives.

An amazing variety of vegetarian dishes were available in the kitchen, specially arranged for this retreat. Experienced instructors gave classes on hatha yoga, and a certified Ayurvedic doctor consulted individuals on the techniques of improving health.

Public and private programs included theatrical performances, deep and meaningful.

Retreat in Kiev with Balakhilya das, spring 2011