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Question: Is it good for a person to fast at least once a week?

Answer: It can be very useful. But for some people, because of their bodily constitution, it’s not really that good for them. For the other people, because of their constitution, it’s almost necessary for them in order to have the optimal health.

But if you want to say generally, it’s a good idea. But is it mandatory? No. If you eat a clean diet as I’ve been describing, there’ll be less need for fasting.

Another big problem, even if you eat the right food, is overeating. Even when you eat the right food, if you eat too much of the right food, it’s a negative. More is not better. So you should limit your intake. When you feel like you are getting full, that’s enough, you shouldn’t continue to eat trying to find some extra happiness or something. So many problems come from, “Oh, I’m a vegetarian. I eat this, I eat this, I eat this.” But they eat too much. Immediately the body is under stress, it’s got to deal with all that food. So many problems come just from overeating.

But if you eat the right food, the body becomes more and more cleansed, more satisfied, the cravings go away. So your tendency to overeat decreases, “Ok, that’s enough. I feel good.”

So we have to do a lot of things correctly. If we are controlled by our senses, we will always be in trouble in life because they demand things that are not good for us. So that’s why all the yoga systems teach: you must control your senses, don’t let the senses control you. All true practitioners of yoga are able to control their senses. It takes time, it’s not immediate, and you gradually improve this.

Ok, so thank you for all these questions, very good questions.

And now I think we will show you very practical part – vegetarian preparations.

So, again, thank you very much. Practice your meditations and consider these vegetarian ideas. HARIBOL!