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Question: Why is meat eating forbidden in the Bible only on fasting days while allowed all the rest days?

Answer: Because that’s their understanding. It doesn’t mean it’s correct. But why not on fasting days? Because you don’t eat it at all, right.

See, certain scriptures appeal to certain groups of people who are on a certain level of development.

So there are other Christian groups or denominations who follow the Bible who are vegetarians. They read the Bible in a different way, they get a different message. Seventh-day Adventists, a worldwide religious organization, are all vegetarians.

And in the begging of the Bible in Genesis it says at least “these fruits and earth and so on … I give you this and this should be your food.” A lot of times in the Bible the word “food” is described by the word “meat.” When they say “meat,” they actually mean “food.” “This should be your food.”

There are lower and higher levels of understanding of the truth. The Vedas are the highest level of all. So if you study the Vedas, you will get the most pure highest complete knowledge of any source of information.