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Question: Can I eat dairy products? Can I eat shrimp, mussels, oysters?

Answer: Dairy products – yes, very nice offering. As I said, the cow is very dear, it’s one of our mothers.

And another unique thing that I didn’t mention. If you take the milk from the cow and offer this to God, the cow that gave that milk actually gets benefit also. The cow itself can’t offer her milk to God, she doesn’t have that facility. So you can help: you can take the milk, offer it, and the cow gets spiritual benefit.

The very beautiful system. It’s not so self-centered. Many, many people benefited.

As far as the sea animals go: the shrimp and the oysters, and the clams, and the lobsters, and all kind of sea creatures – no, they are not offerable, they are in the “meat” category.

But seaweed is OK. There’re very nutritious seaweeds available. That is offerable.