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Now, what about the environment? We know the environment is in crisis right now. It has been for a long time, it’s just becoming more obvious.

This is also based on research, but it’s the truth: if you want to do the most that you as an individual can do for the environment – become a vegetarian.

The environmental impact involved with eating of meat is huge: from the destruction of the rainforests, to the greenhouse gases, to the huge amount of fossil fuel used for meat production, the waste from all the animals. There are feedlots and places where they are raised polluting the streams, and on and on it goes.


So much environmental impact because people want to eat meat.

So if you want to do something to help the environment – become a vegetarian.

There is a figure, I can’t remember exactly, but 70 or 80% of the food grown on the planet today is grown for feeding animals, not humans.

It’s such an inefficient system. On 1 hectare of land you can grow enough food to feed hundreds and hundreds of people. But on that same hectare of land you can only grow enough food to feed a couple of cows, or a few cows, I do not know exact details, but the information is there. It’s so inefficient, see.

Just not good in any way.

Economically it’s not good. On and on it goes.

So people who want proof, if they are just shown all these facts, then they can see: this is how it is.