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Question: I’m a vegetarian, but I am not on a raw food diet. I have problems with blood and doctors say I need to eat meat. Approximately how long of a time should I follow this diet to start getting well?

Answer: Time depends on the person, how bad a person is. But I can tell you a personal experience. There is a girl I know, she was a vegetarian for years, but her health was so bad that over time, she could hardly walk. Her blood was completely a mess. She tried different doctors, different natural cures – nothing helped. She moved from Portugal to California with the idea that the doctors there would be better. Nothing helped. And she was basically bedridden. To climb a little flight of stairs to the second floor, she had to have help – I saw her go down. That was how bad it got; no energy to do anything.

She was looking on the Internet and one day found this information about raw food. She ordered this book, read the book, followed that advice and very quick, within one week, she started feeling new energy. Within three or four weeks her energy was back, she was going up those steps. She was doing a lot of chanting – that is sankirtan, she began to dance. People couldn’t believe it!

She is so enthusiastic now, she is teaching raw food, has a website, gives courses on raw food, etc. So I saw it works. There are many-many cases like this.

But, again, if you do it, try to get the best raw food you can. Sprouts, do not neglect sprouts. Find the purest, the most energizing, etc.