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vrednaya-eda - копия

But first we will talk about a few other things. Ok, so now we’ve become a vegetarian, all right? And we still, of course, can be a junk food vegetarian. We can eat pizzas, cakes, pies, white breads, canned foods, all kinds of sugary things. All vegetarian, but all junk, processed, no food value, no life in the food. And this destroys the body, too.

“Oh, I’m a vegetarian and I’m still sick, I don’t have any energy.” Yes, of course. Because what you eat is absolutely junk. There is no energy there, there is no life force there. No, you need to know how to eat even as a vegetarian.

Vegetarian food in general is in the mode of goodness. But when it’s processed, old, fermented, then it goes in the mode of ignorance also. So that doesn’t help us. Karmically – yes, it does, but physically – no, it doesn’t.

We need to understand: we need to eat fresh food as much as possible. And, as much as we can, we need to eat food free of chemicals and sprays, and insecticides, and pesticides, and all the modern tricks to make food last long time, look beautiful and destroy our health. They do not care about you, your health. They care about the money, “How much will I make?”

In Russia you guys are quite fortunate because many of you have dachas: you grow your food, you have been able to control it up to a point, at least. You know what you put on your potatoes, your cabbage, carrots, and beets, whatever. You know how you grow it and how you take care of it. And if you have a cow, you know what is going on with the cow. You can make it so the cow is nicely taken care of, eats nice green grass and gives nice wholesome milk.

But man has, as usual, taken everything and contaminated it. So, the good things are bad. Dairy products, especially, are so contaminated! All kinds of growth hormones and antibiotics are given to the cows. Commercial cows are under great stress all the time. Everything has been ruined.

But we can only do the best we can do. I can go on and on about any of these subjects, but the idea is: try to do the best you can to get the most pure food you can.

Now more and more whole foods are genetically modified, even the vegetables. They put fish genes in tomatoes. I’m sorry, I’m a vegetarian – I do not eat fish. And I eat a tomato – I’m getting fish.


They put vitamin D in all milk in America, vitamin D3. It comes from the skin of cows, pigs, and sheep, and pigs’ brains.

-Thank you very much! I just wanted a little milk without the pigs and the sheep, and the cows!

-Sorry, don’t have any.

See, it’s gotten so bad: everything is genetically modified, etc.

But we do the best we can, really. And if we do the best we can, we will be rewarded for that. So you can get cleaner and cleaner in your vegetarian diet.

Don’t eat refined flour, white flour with all the chemicals added to it. If you eat flour, eat whole grain flour, the brown one. Don’t eat, as I said before, canned food, processed foods if possible, Fast food: there is no such thing as good fast food. It’s all filled with bad things, even the vegetarian options, if there are any.