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So now I am going to speak just briefly about the most important of all the aspects of eating. That is the spiritual aspect. We spend all our attention on our material life, and indeed it is important, but nothing in comparison to our spiritual life which we neglect almost exclusively.


So in relation to food, no matter if you are vegetarian, you still will create a lot of karma when you eat. I mentioned it in our lecture on Sunday night that the eating of meat is very, very filled with karma; years, lifetimes worth of karma. So if you become a vegetarian, then you greatly reduce your karma.

And remember karma is action. All action comes with results. So the action of eating brings future results. And in the cases we are referring to, it causes bad results. In other words, we will be punished for that. So when you become vegetarian, you greatly reduce this future punishment. I know these are harsh words, but it is the way it is.