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Ok, then our final meditation – sankirtan (congregational chanting).

Sankirtan meditation.

Ok, thank you very much. So these are meditations that we practice ourselves. If you teach something and don’t practice it yourself, it doesn’t have much weight. So we practice these meditations and therefore we can truly recommend them to others. As you can see, there is a vast philosophy that accompanies all of this so it is good to also understand this philosophical truth.

And if you do these meditations, follow this teaching, then many things in your life will become very different; externally – maybe, maybe not, internally – guaranteed. And remember this is where it is really going on, inside. When it is happening beneficially inside, then the outside also changes. Many times we want to start out on the outside but we should start out on the inside., Associating with other people doing this is also very valuable. Start your day with a little meditation. We will.

So it has been very nice, thank you very much. Haribol. (Applause)


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