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When we leave our body, which is what we will all do, no one can avoid that one, you can’t solve that problem, you are going to die, but for a person in the consciousness that I had been describing it is not a problem. It is just like taking off your shirt, it is not a problem. You just take off your shirt, you leave your body and it is time to go. But there is no fear, there is no anxiety, you know what is going on. Like everything else in life it is completely different. So now you are qualified to leave the material world. You don’t have to take another body, you don’t have to be reborn and have more problems. Every time we get a new body, take a new birth, we bring all these mental psychological problems with us and enter a new body of problems that has all kinds of guaranteed built-in situations to make us miserable.

You are born in a body; it has got teeth. They give you problems before you even have them.
– Oh, what’s wrong with that baby? He is crying all the time.
– Oh, he is teething.
They haven’t even come in yet, now already they are giving you problems. Then they come in. Now don’t they give you problems? Then they get loose and start falling out.
– My tooth is falling out.
– Don’t worry, kid, that is natural.
– It doesn’t feel natural!
– Just tie a string to it and then tie it to the door, slam the door. You will be fine!
– Oh no, I don’t want to!

Then the next set of teeth come and they are the ones that give you the most problems. That is why these dentists are on every corner in this town. Stomatology is everywhere. All the dentists are quite well off financially, have you ever seen a poor dentist? I never have. I have seen a lot of rich ones; they capitalize on your problems. And that is just one part of the body that is guaranteed to give you problems. So anyway, you take on a new body and a new set of problems.

That is life in the material world. I don’t care if you think, “Oh, this is negative speech.” This is reality. “Don’t look at it that way.” Oh, what? Why can’t I look at it like it is? Do you want me to look at it through rose-colored glasses? “Oh, it is all right, life is good. Look on the bright side.” What bright side? Birth, disease, old age and death. Show me the light; show me the brightness. “Oh, but there will be good times.” (laughs) Yeah, there will be good times, I saw a bunch of guys having a good time last night, from ‘The beer hall’, they were having a good time. I would talk to them the next morning and see how good the times are. All smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, having fun; waiting till they have got lung cancer. Is it fun? Do you like it? Is it good times?

This is reality. We’d like to be real here, in all this illusion there is no good for us. So the truth cuts through the illusion and cuts it away, no illusion, you see it as it is and then know what is truth, what is not truth, etc., etc.

So those are some ideas that come with this teaching. If you are interested – great. If you are not – maybe you will be in the future. Sometimes we have to have so much pain that will make us look for a solution other than vodka. Everybody has already tried that one, it just causes more pain and it doesn’t solve anything. If that is what it takes, that is what it takes. But a wise person doesn’t have to go through that; he has intelligence, wise means intelligence. He sees things as they are; he sees the problem when he hears the truth and doesn’t have to stay there and get killed by it. And he simply changes his life; he takes another direction based on good advice and intelligence. And then, however it happens, if we come to the truth, to the spiritual master, to this knowledge of bhakti yoga coming through the perfect line of teachers, and take it, apply it to our life, then gradually we will be like that fish returning to the water and we will swim away. Thank you very much.


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