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The Vedas, which is our source of knowledge, and our spiritual master, which is our source of knowledge, they both give us information about spirit. If we are interested, they have everything to offer us. If we are not interested, they still have everything to offer us but we are not interested in receiving it. That is why in one of the Vedic scriptures, at the beginning it says, “Now is the time to inquire into the Absolute Truth.” Now is the time, not later. Inquire and ask questions. Who has ever asked themselves the question “Who am I?” Not many people, maybe some; everyone considers it weird. “What do you mean who are you? Don’t you know who you are? Are you stupid?” A little kid said, “Mom, who am I?” “I’ve told you a hundred times! You are Sergey, don’t you know that?”

But who are we really? Spirit souls. That is the beginning of the whole understanding, a spirit soul in the material world. The next understanding is that it is not a good idea; it is not a good place for me to be. A spirit soul is not supposed to be in the material world, we are supposed to be in the spiritual world. It even sounds correct; spirit soul in the spiritual world – yes, it sounds right. Spirit soul in the material world – it doesn’t sound right. It is like saying ‘an aquatic in the water’, a fish. Aquatic is too big of a word. Fish, a fish in the water – yes, it sounds right. But a fish on the land – that doesn’t sound right at all. That sounds like a problem and it is a big problem.

Have you ever seen a fish on the land? Of course, does he look like he is having a nice time? He is lying there in the sun; the sunglasses are on, “Yeah, the sun is really nice today! Warm sand feels good.” He is not experiencing that at all. You can tell at a glance that fish has got a problem; he is suffering. He is flapping and gasping but if you put that fish back in the water, his problem is solved. It was so simple; it was a very simple solution. Just put him back where he is supposed to be and all problems are solved. If he is not where he is supposed to be, you can’t solve his problem, there is no solution.

So that is the way it is with us. We are that fish in the wrong place, the wrong environment. As long as I, the spirit soul, am in the material world, I will have a problem. No one can solve my problem. I can go to the best psychologist and he can’t help me. I can go to all my friends, I can go on the Internet, ask Google about it – Google can’t solve my problem either. Why? Because they don’t know the solution.

But if you go to the spiritual master and you ask him to solve your problem, he can. Completely. He will introduce you to, number one, what is the cause of your problem – you are in the material world. He will explain to you why you are in the material world and he will tell you about your real home, the spiritual world. He will tell you about your real Father – the Supreme Lord and he will tell you that you have forgotten your relationship with your Father. He will tell you that have forgotten completely not only who you are but who you are in relation to the Father. He will tell you what consciousness you had that made it so that you came into the material world and he will tell you how to get out. Now could you find a better friend than that? Could you find information more important than that? Is there some knowledge superior to that? The answer is no, nothing even comes close.

Really there is only one solution to the problems of life and it is a spiritual solution, it is not a material solution. Everyone in this room, in this lifetime and in this body has confronted many problems. You have problems right now and you will have problems in the future. You have tried to solve those problems and you will continue to do so and you will fail. That is your future. Do you like it? (laughs) Unless you actually start inquiring into the Absolute Truth and you develop some interest in really solving the problem and you accept that there is no material solution, you will be guided by God Himself to His representative and His scriptures. That will answer your questions and make it possible to solve your problem.