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Spiritually speaking we are all the same, we are all eternal, but at some point we come in contact with this knowledge and at that point we are new to the knowledge, so to speak. Therefore it is good to learn about this teaching from the ground up.

This teaching is about life and it is only one life – spiritual life. We often talk about that there is material life and then there is spiritual life but if we have the full understanding, there is only spiritual life. Why? Because we all are spirit souls – we are life. Has anyone heard this idea that we are all spirit souls? Let’s put it this way: has no one heard this idea, is this a new idea? Ok, everyone has heard this. Good, you are not that new. (laughs)

We are who we are eternally; we have a true identity. Everything is made of energy and there are two energies. There is material energy and there is spiritual energy. The material world by definition is made of material energy. This material world is basically almost completely material energy and dispersed throughout all this material energy are little specks of spiritual energy. And that is the people that are the living entities. In this room everything here is basically material; these walls, furniture, floor, guitar, everything – all material energy. Our bodies are also material energy. I don’t know how many people are here, maybe twenty, but in human bodies there are twenty little sparks, twenty little specks of spiritual energy, atomic in size, that small.

The scientists are very interested in material atoms but we are interested in spiritual atoms. Each of us is a tiny little spiritual atom and that is the life of the world, the spiritual atoms are the life of the world. In matter, there is no life. There is no such thing as a living chair or a living whatever this thing is; a stand, a little table, it is all dead matter. There is no such thing as a living body. The bodies are all dead, this is dead, this is material energy. The only thing that gives the body the definition of life is the tiny spiritual spark inside and that is what should be of interest. We should be interested in spirit and not so interested in material matter.

Throughout our history in the material world, which includes unlimited number of bodies, basically our only interest is matter, not spirit. In fact when you even mention spirit to people, they become uninterested. If you talk about all kinds of material things, they become very interested, especially the material energy called money. (laughs) If you give a big seminar on how to make a lot of money, there will be many, many people that come and they are very interested, and they are listening very attentively, “Oh, I can make money!” But if you give a big seminar on spiritual life, the big seminar is small, not many people come. If they do come, most of them are not really that interested; they are looking at the clock, looking at their phones although you have told them to turn them off. People are more interested in their phones than in spiritual life; much more, and that is our problem.

You see, what we are interested in is what we will be successful in. That is where we will put our focus. That is where we will put our energy and our attention. What we are interested in is what will occupy our mind; that is how we will use our intelligence. If I am not interested in spiritual life, I am not going to put my energy or time, or intelligence, or mind, or anything in that direction. So a person who is interested in spiritual life is very rare and very fortunate.