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There is one more method of meditation that we will do together now – this is called sankirtan. Sankirtan means congregational chanting. Our GAURANGA meditation is normally done privately. But sankirtan means two or more people come together and chant the mantras. It’s normally done with the accompaniment of a musical instrument, but it doesn’t have to be so; clap your hands, whatever you’d like. Tonight we will use a guitar and we have a drum. The method is called shravanam-kirtanam. Shravanam means to hear, kirtanam means to chant. So I will chant and you listen. Then you chant and I listen. Back and forth. For our sankirtan the mantras will be HARIBOL NITAI-GAUR, NITAI-GAUR HARIBOL and GOPALA GOVINDA RAMA MADANA-MOHANA. Again, for our pronunciation, we will repeat those, practice saying it. OK, once again:



All right, very good! Don’t worry about the quality of your singing voice. This is not a talent show. There are no not talent scales here. This is simple meditation. So again we want to relax. Listen to the mantra, chant out loud the mantra that you hear, and meditate on the sound. And we’ll have a very nice sankirtan.


Thank you very much. So mantra-meditation is very easy and very sublime. It is the highest form of meditation. We offer it to everyone and hope that you will see the value. You can practice on your own.

See, we’re always hearing something. Everybody has a sound system in their car, in their home. People record sounds on their phones and walk around listening. You can make that transcendental sound. Purify your existence throughout the day. And one finds that the more they are purified by the transcendental sound, the more attractive transcendental sound becomes. Such is the special nature of the spiritual sound.