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So when we reestablish that long-lost relationship, which He wants us to do, we actually now enter into our real family. And then we start seeing everybody as our brothers and sisters, all living entities, not just humans. You get a broader vision. The souls in the animal bodies and bird bodies, insect bodies and plants, they are all our brothers and sisters. We are all the same family.

This is where harmony comes in. We were talking last night about harmony and yoga lifestyle. There is harmony here, I see true, I see correctly, I don’t see through this veil of illusion, “Oh, I am black and you are white. I am male and you are female. I am this nationality.” All these things that separate us. “I am this religion, you are that religion, I don’t like you because of this reason, that reason.” All the fighting and the chaos, hate and anger…

That is material world. That is the world of lust. All these things that have going on is because of lust and false bodily identification, I do not know who I am. So all this ignorance causes big problems. We come to this truth, we understand this truth, we live this lifestyle, we develop this relationship, we start experiencing this loving exchange, our hearts become soft.

In the material world you have got a very hard heart to survive. That is why you don’t want to give your heart to somebody because the last time you did they stomped on it so you just reserve it. You will give them your attention, you will give them, you know, some freedom with your body or whatever, but you do not give them your heart because you are afraid, you know, “I am not going to love again but you want to. A dog is much safer.” And you know, the dog loves you often times more than the wife. Do you want to know the dog or the wife loves you the most? Here is a good experiment. You put your dog in the trunk of your car, you put your wife in the trunk of your car and you close the trunk. And you come back eight hours later, you open up the trunk, and you can see who is the most happy to see you. (laughing) The dog every time.

So, you don’t give your heart away. So when it comes to this philosophy of loving God you are a little bit hesitant, “Mm, I don’t know about that because this loving game is a scary one. It is the game that is played by fools. I don’t want to be a fool again.” But there is a guarantee here because this is how it is designed.

Again, last night we talked about the design. Everything is designed in a certain way. There is nothing that happened by accident. There is a perfect design here. So if we get back to harmonizing with that design, then our life becomes very, very perfect. And it can happen now, in this lifetime, in this body. I don’t have to wait until I die and hopefully go somewhere. No, I can go there right now, see. This is an eternal thing. And then I can be truly happy and truly satisfied. Love for God is that which makes me truly happy, truly satisfied. That is the real understanding.

And along the way of following the process of bhakti yoga I began to destroy, is a word we could use, the false ego begins to disappear. And I don’t have a false ego, I know who I am. Who are you? I am spirit soul, the eternal part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, and my position is always subordinate, and my function is to render loving service. That is who I am, that is pure ego. And the false ego is replaced with the pure ego. I don’t think I am number one, I am the king, I am the enjoyer. I know the enjoyment comes from a different source. So that is a good thing, all this is a good thing. This is what life is all about.

And when I, the spirit soul, get the human form, I can accomplish this. So until I get the human form, I am actually left out, I can’t do it. But again the design is perfect, so the soul evolves from lower forms to higher forms, higher, higher. Higher meaning more advanced consciousness, see, more ability to make decisions, all these things.

Finally, I get the human form. Aha! Now I have full facility to realize, to understand and to revivalize, to reestablish that long lost relationships. As a human I can do it. But if I don’t use the human form of life for this purpose, this is what the human life is designed for, if I don’t use it for this, I lose it. You use it or you lose it. And then I go back down somewhere and I have to work my way back up for how many who knows hundreds, thousands, millions of lifetimes. And once again I get a human form and then will I use it correctly that time? Who knows. There is always going to be another chance because we are eternal, God loves us, He wants us to come to Him. He is always trying to help us but we don’t want the help. So what can you do? Because we have got freedom.

Now, here is a thing that I hear somewhat frequently. People say, “Ok, if I am supposed to love God, and only love for God will make me happy, that is all, and God loves me, then why didn’t He just make it so I love Him? Why did He make so I came into this world, I have all these other desires and I want to be independent and etc.?” Because love is based on freedom. There has to be a freedom of choice to love. If you make somebody love you, it is not love, it is servitude. That is not love.

There are people all over this planet right now trying to make somebody else love them, “I am going to make you love me.” You might make them more close, cook you food, satisfy your sexual desires, etc., etc., but you can never make them love you because love is a voluntary choice. They have to choose to love you or not. That is why we have the freedom to love or not love God. And He is never going to take that away. You don’t want to love me? Ok. But the result is I am coming to this world of lust and have to suffer, all the things that are here (birth, disease, old age, death) and we all know what we have to go through, everybody is struggling. So the choice is ours. The choice is ours. What will I do with my life? Who will I chose to love?

Now, another scenario is a person is already in a loving relationship with another person. Or maybe it is not so much loving relationship, but anyway, they are in relationship, they have children, whatever, it could be many different scenarios. So then the question is: what am I supposed to do? Leave them? Just leave them? Come to God or something? No, but you can spiritualize your relationship.

It is all about understanding. It is all about knowledge. It is all about redirecting. Now you can come to the understanding, “I can’t satisfy you and you cannot satisfy me, let’s understand it.” If these two people are clear on their understanding, they will conclude, “Yeah, you are right. But let’s together work as a team in service to God, then we will both be satisfied and the satisfaction between us will be, we are both in harmony with the Supreme plan, therefore in harmony with each other.

Our children are not our children, they are God’s children, and we are put in the position of a caretaker. So, we will take care of them spiritually as well as materially. We will teach them the truth, we will try to take care of them in a very, very good way.”

Then you have got a unit here working together in spiritual life. And it is great. I know many families on this platform, see. And maybe they came together completely out of lust, there was nothing to do with spiritual life, but gradually they have spiritualized that relationship, the lust has been replaced with love. And with that goes the anger and all that anger that used to be there, and all the disappointments, and the frustration, and jealousy, envy… not there, gone away. If it is there still, it is going away, it is greatly reduced.

So this is how it can be, you know, you don’t have to run away from the world. Just spiritualize your life. That is the whole process of bhakti yoga. And if the other person is not interested that is unfortunate, but you do the best you can, and you learn different ways that you can actually help them develop that interest, develop that desire within them. There are obvious methods there can be employed, you can learn all these things, you see.