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So, really, it’s not like we like it. It’s like we must have it. Why is it in this world that love which causes the most happiness, or it is supposed to, oftentimes ends up causing us the most pain? The more we love someone, the more pain it causes. Why is it that the one we love the mostлюбовь боль is the one we wind up hating the most? You see? It doesn’t make sense.

The number one violence in the world today is not wars. It is not street crimes, acts of terror. It’s not this. It’s domestic violence. Domestic violence is the number one violence in the world. I have just seen recently statistics from Russia. 14,000 women in Russia die from domestic violence each year. And that is the ones they know about. A lot of things aren’t reported, people don’t know about it.

So, again, it becomes so confusing. You see, our hearts are broken many times. “The Beatles” had a song “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” “Heartbreak hotel” was another song, “Oh, my heart is broken… My heart is so full, I love, I love… Oh, I’m broken. He ripped my heart out.” So, it’s really very, very confusing.

But there’s an understanding that we can have. You see, the reason it’s so confusing and so on is because, number one – we think we are the material bodies. We basically know nothing about our true self, the soul. So, the conclusion is: I am this body, I am young, I am old, I am beautiful, I am ugly, whatever. That is the first illusion. The second illusion is that what we call love in this world is not love. Now, we must explain this.


The soul by nature is love. You can’t separate love from the soul. Now, when the soul, whose original home is in the spiritual world (this is our original home, this is where we came from)comes into the material world, we become covered by different layers of material energy. Actually, there are eight layers. This is technical, but it is necessary to understand these things.

So, here we have the pure soul comes into the material world. The first covering is the covering of false ego.

False ego. A lot of people that I meet that have studied some esoteric teachings, read some books, heard some people who speak on the Internet, – they say, “Oh, I have to get rid of my ego. Oh, I have such a big ego, I have to get rid of it. I’m working on it. I’m working on it.” What they don’t understand is: you are the ego. Ego means “I.” You can’t get rid of yourself. You’re eternal spirit soul, you’re not going to get rid of yourself.

But when we come into the material world, we become covered with a very subtle layer of material energy like a veil that covers us. Our vision becomes clouded. This is false ego, the false I. And after that, all the true understanding of myself is turned upside down. And that’s when I conclude I’m the body. False identity: I am great, I am number one, false pride, etc. It’s false, it’s not true. So, to put it in real straight terms, it’s a lie. So, really, we live a lie. But we don’t know that. We’re so covered, so much in illusion, we don’t know this. So we base our whole life on this illusion.

I like mathematics because it is an exact science, no room for speculation. It doesn’t change from time to time. There’s no such thing as new age math, it’s always the same: Two plus two is four. Thousands of years ago, today and thousands of years in the future the same: two plus two is four.

So, you’re trying to work out a very complicated in-depth mathematical problem. And you work, and you work, and you work… but in the very beginning you make a small error (in addition, let’s say). And from then you work very correctly and you get your answer, but it’s wrong. It’s not right, it’s the wrong answer. And you can never get the right answer until you go back and correct the original error. So, we’re trying to solve the problems of life (which we all are, automatically so), but we have made this original error: I am the body. So, we work, we work, we solve this, we solve that, we study, we think, we philosophize, we have our experience, but we don’t solve the problem. Because we don’t solve the original mistake.