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Conscious dreams and entering the astral dimensions. What is the difference?

The astral dimension is the realm of the mind, also known as the psychic realm. And conscious dreams are also the realm of the mind as well. You see, so there’s a great similarity here. And a lot of people put a lot of importance on this. This is actually what some people consider to be a spiritual path when really it’s not. See, it just means you’re entering a more subtle dimension of the material realm. This does not satisfy the soul. This is not recommended by the great teachers. We do not address this, we don’t practice this. It’s quite easily achievable but what have you achieved? You’re just in another place in the material world. And you can get stuck there; there’re all kinds of negatives, not to mention the distractions from the real goal. So, in this bhakti yoga teaching, we don’t sanction or pursue diversions.

Now, as far as one question previously. I said that the soul is in the sperm of the father which is true. But the father did not generate the soul. The soul is placed there. There is all kind of arrangements, and sometimes we spend too much time trying to figure every detail out which really is immaterial; it doesn’t matter how exactly everything works.

Sometimes I use example of a computer. Many people use computers, basically everybody, but very few people really know how it works. But they know: if I push this and this, move the mouse and click, then certain things happen. How it works? How all this Internet stuff work? Wi-Fi? I don’t know. The server, who is that? Some guy back there serving things? I don’t know. But I know if I go to Gmail and I do this, this and this, I can read a message from somebody. I can write a reply and push “send” and it’s gone. And it works; that’s all I know.

So, sometimes we get too wrapped up in the details, “Oh, how’s that?” Again, this is a distraction. These are our analytical minds, so we get all wrapped up in things. There’s a saying: “We cannot see the forest for the trees.”

So, we thank you very much. HARIBOL.