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In Christian tradition God is love, He has one name: Love. Why does God have many names in the Vedic tradition?

There’s no doubt about the truth of that statement: “God is love,” yes. But really what does that mean? I mean, you can envision all kinds of different things. God is love, but what it means is God, the Supreme Person, is filled with love, the source of love, the reservoir of love. He’s non-different from His qualities, so He’s non-different from His love.

God has many, many names. And actually in the Holy Bible there are many names of God: Jehovah, Yahweh, Eloah. Personally, I’ve never heard that Love was one of God’s names; I haven’t personally heard that (maybe it’s stated somewhere, I don’t know). Each name of God describes God. Gauranga means “He whose body is more beautiful than molten gold.” Jehovah means “the All-powerful”. All kinds of names describe different aspects or characteristics of God. So, He has many names. And all are invested with His transcendental potency. This is how we should understand it.

The Vedic knowledge is very, very complete. It gives information that is not given in other places. It is like all math books don’t contain the same information. Some math books contain so much advanced knowledge of mathematics, others don’t. So, you will hear things in the Vedas that you don’t hear in other places because it’s not contained in other places.