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In the Vedic terminology the word ‘auspicious’ is often used, auspicious means good for one’s material wellbeing. Of course the opposite of that would be inauspicious, which would be against one’s material wellbeing. However marriage is about a spiritual activity, event or festival that is intended to be pleasing to the Supreme Lord. This is beyond auspicious, this is not about material wellbeing; this is about pleasing the Supreme Personality of Godhead, so we hope that this endeavor will be successful. Our life is successful, truly successful, when we are actually living in such a way that we are pleasing the Supreme Lord.

I know for some of you this is all quite unfamiliar and, of course, it is understandable because in the world we live in today this is not a part of our culture, our life, our training, our education. There is so much to explain so that you can have a correct understanding. The name ‘Krishna’ is very confusing for a lot of people. We understand from our bhakti yoga philosophy (the teachings that we follow, practice and pass on) that there is one Supreme Person, one Supreme Lord. Throughout the world the common description or nomenclature would be God, this is the proper title.

The word God actually means Number One; however there must be an understanding that there is only one Supreme Person, there is not a Hindu God, a Christian God, a Buddhist God, or a Muslim God. There is one Supreme Lord who has many, many names. The different names of the Supreme Lord describe His different features, characteristics, qualities and activities, etc. The foremost name of innumerable names is Krishna; Krishna means ‘All-attractive’. For the Supreme Lord to be Number One in all categories He must also therefore become the most attractive, the name that describes that magnificent feature is Krishna. We are in the process and the understanding that we want to relate to the Supreme Lord in His most personal feature, the form of Krishna.