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-Balakhilya das, may I ask you about happiness? I talk to people, and many people say that they are not happy…

-Yes, happiness is the most sought after thing and also the most elusive. And the reason everyone is seeking happiness is because it’s the nature of the soul to be happy. However in the material world we don’t try to find the true happiness, which is spiritual happiness for us, the spirit soul. Due to illusion and false identification with our bodies, we conclude that if we make our bodies happy, we will be happy, and that is the pursuit of everybody: trying to find happiness through the stimulation of the senses.

And we have made great advancement in different ways to stimulate the senses, in finding various forms of sense gratification on many levels, but nobody’s happy. And the more we seek happiness, the more we put energy in finding our happiness in this way and experience that it doesn’t work, that we’re still unhappy, then the more frustrated we get and the more depressed we get.

So actually the only happiness is happiness that makes us, the spirit soul, happy; spiritual happiness coming from a lifestyle that is geared toward spiritual pursuit, spiritual inquiry, devotional activities in service to the Supreme Lord, and, foremost of all, the hearing and chanting of the names of God. Transcendental sound is the ultimate source of happiness.

-Thank you.


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