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Even though by the beginning of April the snow in Lvov had not melted completely, there was a feeling that the world around was awakening after a long winter. White swans were swimming in the lake, still partially covered with ice.

But to every participant’s inner world the spring came in at the moment of Balakilya das’s arrival. “Festival of spiritual joy”, sometimes the retreats are called this. This is a unique opportunity to dive into the world of various meditation techniques and enlightening lectures and leave the external world with its hustle and bustle behind for even just a couple of days. Meeting people interested in ancient wisdom, doing activities together, all this contributes to progress on the spiritual path. There were plenty of such opportunities at this retreat.

“Reincarnation: myth or reality?” and “The art of self-realization”, these two public lectures were arranged for the residents of Lvov. Balakhilya das was very pleased with these lectures because many of the attendees showed an interest in Vedic knowledge.

Retreat in Lvov with Balakhilya das, spring 2013