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An autumn retreat with Balakhilya das lasts a whole month, and you can spend it in an amazing atmosphere, being immersed in easy and effective meditations and learning the true meaning of yoga.

This time the weather wasn’t perfect, but that did not bother those who came to meet Balakhilya das, to study Vedic spiritual knowledge, and to meditate along with people who share the same interests.

People from all over the world gathered at the recreation center located right at the shore of the Black sea. Cottages and bungalows with spectacular views over the sea greeted all the guests. The holiday season was already over, so everyone could not only rest at the beach, but also find a secluded place near the sea to do individual meditation practices.

Concerts, hiking, public and private lectures, theatrical performances, feasts, morning, noon and evening meditations… More than four weeks full of these events have passed in a moment. Do not lose this opportunity next year!

 Balakhilya das Retreat in Crimea