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Question: How much time do you spend on yoga?

Answer: How much time do I spend on yoga? Actually if I lived my life perfectly, I would spend every breath of every day on yoga because it is a lifestyle, this is a complete existence. I am not saying I am on that level of perfection but that is the understanding.

So it is not about, “Oh, I spent 3 hours in the morning or 2 hours in the night,” or whatever. It is my whole… Life of a yogi is the complete life. So yes, I have a certain number of …a certain amount, I should say, of chanting that I do on a daily basis and teaching, and studying, and doing different activities in connection with the life of bhakti yoga. And the more you get involved, then the more you do.

And that can include your work. You say, “I cannot do it very much because I have got a job.” But a bhakti yogi makes his work a part of his service to God. His exercise is part of his service as well, his eating, his sleeping. So everything you do can be service to God. And that is what is said in Bhagavad-gita, the Supreme Lord says, “All that you do, do it as an offering unto Me”.

So the pure bhakti yogi is in the consciousness of… everything he does is an offering to God. So he is always in that consciousness.