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Question: Why don’t we remember out past lives?

Answer: Mainly because we came here to enjoy independent of God. We really came here to forget God because remembrance of God in my position means ‘He is the master, I am the servant’. So I cannot really play the game of enjoyment ‘I am the enjoyer, I am the master’. So we play this game of ‘I am the lord’ and enjoy the world with our senses.

And the world is designed in such a way that there is a lot of suffering here. This is a rehabilitation center. So as we go through life and struggle to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, we experience more and more frustration because there is so much pain here, misery, suffering, difficulties, etc. So my illusion is kind of damaged.

So when I take my next birth, I don’t remember any of this stuff. I see the world, “Oh, I can enjoy it, oh, I am going to have a good time. This whole world is for my pleasure.” And so now I am fresh, I am back under the full illusion ‘I can enjoy the world’. I don’t remember the deaths and the diseases, and the frustrations, and the disappointments, heartbreaks. I don’t remember any of this stuff. And so we just go through it all again. And then again we get… So each time we get a fresh start.