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Question: What is death? Does one have to prepare to it? Is it possible to be prepared to it?

Answer: Death is the soul’s leaving the body. When the soul departs from the body, it is called death. Should we prepare for it? Absolutely, that is what the human form of life is for. To prepare for death.

If you think of it in terms of education or in terms of universities or whatever, the whole time you are in the university you are preparing for the graduation. So you take this course and that course and studying, exams, and… with the hope that at the time of the final exam you will pass and then you graduate.

So that is what life is. That is the preparation stage for the final exam of death. And if we do it correctly, then we can be prepared, when death comes we are ready, and we will go back to the spiritual world. If we fail, then we will have to repeat the grade again. So that is the whole purpose of the human form.