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This is the message. Who am I? I am spirit soul. Yes, I’m in a material body and it’s male or female, it’s Ukrainian or whatever. According to my position, I have my obligations: I’m a mother or a father; I have to take care of that position. I need to take care of the body with exercise and good food. I need to do a lot of things in connection with this material situation. But if I understand the process of Bhakti yoga, it is all in connection with my relationship with the Supreme Lord. And gradually I start getting satisfied, my hunger begins to go away. This is the solution in life.

I’m a spirit soul, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul. My position is always subordinate. I can never become God, I am not God now, I never will be. I’m eternally subordinate. So all these philosophies, whether they say you are God or you can become God, they are misleading you, they are not true. But being the subordinate child of God is perfect. Now I enter into my function of serving, pleasing, harmonizing, cooperating with the Supreme Lord and then the light comes into my life.

Really, in this world our lives are dark, no matter how bright they may seem, they are dark. A candle in a dark room looks really bright, but when the sun comes up, you don’t even notice this candle. What candle? If we have a real bright life right now, it’s like that little candle. When the sun of love for God comes into our life, that little candle is like nothing and most people don’t even have the candle. So this is the message.

The chanting of these mantras is the number one activity to bring all of these into reality. Philosophy is amazing, but we need to have some reality of practice. These mantras contain a potency that is invisible and unimaginable: they purify, they cleanse, they nourish, they fulfill and they connect us. They put us directly in association with the Supreme Person Himself. This is what is recommended for us to do. It’s so easy, so simple, but so amazingly powerful.

This is what we teach. We don’t teach it and not do it ourselves. We practice this and teach this. Anyone who takes to this will find for the benefit for themselves. That is what we are going to do now. We are going to chant the mantras on the second mantra card, after which we’ll let you ask some questions by writing them on the paper. Hold the paper up, they will be collected. First let’s look at our mantras. On the second card there are two mantras: HARIBOL NITAI-GAUR, NITAI-GAUR HARIBOL and GOPALA GOVINDA RAMA MADANA-MOHANA

These are two mantras. As we did in the beginning with GAURANGA, let’s repeat the different words, different names, so we can get the understanding, the meaning and the association. So I repeat, then you respond.



(repeated with the audience twice)

All right, the process is different now, but you know it already. It is called singing. Everybody knows how to sing and in most cases everybody likes to sing. It is the nature of the soul to sing. We are going to sing the mantras and, as before, we are going to listen, meditate on the mantras. I will chant the mantra, you listen. You chant the mantra, I listen. This is called sankirtan. I will use a guitar to make it a little easier. Is there anybody that wants to play a drum back there among musicians who played before? Maybe they all went home, I don’t know. Musicians have a habit of playing and running away.

Ok, so all you have to do is listen and repeat, chant out loud and meditate on the sound.


HARIBOL. Thank you. Yes, that is sankirtan and it can be a lot of fun. You can do it anyway you like, you can use any tune, any type of music. So, again, we ask you to take your cards with you.