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And always remember, your true identity is spirit soul. That is your eternal identity. That is who you eternally are. That never changes. In one lifetime you pursue many different identities. In every given lifetime you pursue a completely different identity. It is all material. But our true spiritual identity is eternally the same. What is that identity? I am the eternal loving servant of the Supreme Lord. That is who we are. We cannot change it.

In our materially contaminated consciousness we do not like that idea. I do not want to be God’s servant. I do not want to serve anybody. I want to be the master. I want to be number one. I want people to serve me. That is in our diseased condition. This is our spiritual disease.

But when we apply this process of bhakti yoga and the mantras, and the other processes of bhakti yoga purify us of this disease, gradually we more and more come back to our original consciousness: “I am the eternal servant of Krishna. That is who I am and that is who I want to be. I am very happy that it is who I am.” And we act in that capacity.

That is perfect, that is the perfection of life. Do not forget that if you know one thing in life, this is the most important thing you can know. If you were born, learnt this one thing and died, your life would be perfect. You are born, become conscious, “I am the eternal servant of Krishna”, and die. Great! Perfect life.

But, unfortunately, we do not do that. “I am man, I am Russian, I am greater, I am cooler.” All that stuff. That is not good. So, we have to come back to our original consciousness.

And the only way to do it is devotional service. You can try every other method, it will not work. Remember, this is God’s world, this is God’s arrangement. He controls it, we do not. Very difficult for us to accept that God controls things, I do not control. So, I cannot change the system, it is the way it is. All I can do is harmonize with that system. When I do, I find everything becomes perfect.

The true message.


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