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But the spiritual view is very different. You wasted your life! The world view is they lived their life to the fullest, they didn’t waste it, they used every moment in that pursuit of happiness. But the Vedic view, the spiritual view is they wasted it completely. They didn’t spend any time trying to find out what will make them, the spiritual soul, happy. They didn’t spend any time wondering who they are other than I am the enjoyer. They didn’t do anything that they were supposed to do with the human life.

Therefore that’s a shame, a pity, unfortunate. And if they dedicated as much time, energy, enthusiasm, determination towards spiritual life as they did toward their material life, they would be very successful. So it’s a misdirected life.

So we need somebody to take charge of our lives. If it’s left up to us, “I am in charge of my own life,” and I am in ignorance, I don’t even know who I am, I don’t even know what life is for, then I’ll just make a big mess out of my life. No matter what I think. That would be the reality.

But if I allow somebody that knows the truth, that has the pure spiritual vision of life, if I let that person to take charge of my life, then my life will be very successful.

So that is our teaching. That is a real view according to the Vedas.