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For those of you who just came – welcome. I always like to have our guests come visit us. So as most of you know, we are practicing bhakti yoga, and it is declared in the Vedic scriptures, which are our foundational source of information, that of all the different yoga systems bhakti yoga is the top yoga system. And the reason it’s the top yoga system is because it takes the individual soul to the highest level of perfection.

In all yoga teachings we learn that we are not our material body. So who we always thought we are, we are not. Maybe you’ve always thought you were a male or a female. You are wrong. Maybe you always thought, “I’m Russian. I even have a passport, it says I’m Russian.” You are wrong and the person who made the passport is wrong. You see, we don’t understand the truth of who we are. So all this identification we have is simply the identification of the body.

So yes, the body is male or female. The body is born in Russia, okay, it’s Russian. Or maybe born outside, but my parents are Russian, it’s still Russian. Whatever the body is, it is. But we are not the body, we are spirit soul. We are spiritual beings in material coverings. And so the Vedas teach us that we are spirit and we should live according to this knowledge.

So there are two ways to look at everything in life. The material version or material vision and the Vedic version or the Vedic vision. And you will see they are very different.

So when a person advances in spiritual life, one of the changes that takes place is the way they see things, the way they understand things, their world view as we could say. So that’s something that is very beneficial, we need to change the way we see life.