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But if at some point I begin to see, “Hmm, something’s wrong here. There must be something better than this.” I mean there are good moments, but overall I think it should be better. There’s so much conflict of interest here.

I am eternal, I experience that, I don’t feel I’m getting old when my body is old. Some of you here are in young bodies, but some of you here are in the older bodies including myself. Those of you in older bodies, do you feel any different than you did when you were a youth? Oh, yes, the body may have more pains and you can’t do the things you used to be able to do. But I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about you, do you feel any different?

When you look out, it’s the same person looking out that has always looked out. It’s the same. Why? Because you didn’t change. The body changed, you didn’t. But here comes old age and death. It’s a contradiction. I’m not supposed to die, my experience is I’m not supposed to die. But reality is I’m going to die.

So we try to prevent it, put it off, “No, no, no.” So the scientists are trying to find the solution, “Oh, we’ll manipulate this, we’ll do genes, we will clone people. We will do all these things so nobody dies,” under this illusion I am the body.

See, they are trying to keep the body alive, can’t do it. God’s system is: the body gets old and dies. But they don’t have to worry about keeping us from dying because we never die, we are eternal.

So this knowledge, this truth is invaluable. So many people refuse to accept reincarnation, they don’t accept this teaching, but it’s true. You leave this body, you are eternal spirit soul, you have to go somewhere. Where are you going to go? You can’t cease to exist, you are eternal. And as long as we want to play this ‘I am the enjoyer, I am the controller’ god game, we will take another birth.

And according to how we live this life, what our desires are, what our attachments are, what our karma is, we will take a certain birth in a certain body – could be human, maybe not. We can go down into the lower forms of life and as I said the other night, if I think like a dog, I take birth in the womb of a dog – dog life for me. On and on it goes.

So that is why there is the information about how to really see the truth, how to get out of the influence of Maya.
It’s true, some people have the ability to put a spell on another person. They have some mystic or psychic power and they can control people. So Maya is the supreme mystic, she can control us.

But the Supreme Lord gives us all the information and all the tools necessary to get out of that spell, to be free of the illusion, to actually see the truth and act on that, and again revive our lost relationship with the Supreme Lord.