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We were all originally in the spiritual world. And in the spiritual world there are enumerable spiritual planets just like in our material world there are enumerable planets. And each planet is inhabited by enumerable people. And in the spiritual world everyone is serving God in different capacities according to their relationship with God. It’s a very advanced subject, I’m not going to go very far on that one. But the point is: this is our natural condition.

But God has given all of us a free will. And He has also given us minute independence. And no one can take that away. That is His creation, it won’t ever change. So, at some point – and don’t try to understand why, it’s not logical – but at some point we decided, “I don’t want to serve God. I want to be independent of God.”

We are parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord, so we have all the qualities of God but in minute quantity. A chip from a diamond has all the qualities of a diamond, but in a minute quantity. So we have all of God’s qualities. God is number One, so we have that quality, too, “I am number one.” God is the Master, so we have that quality, “Hm, I am the master.” God is the Creator, we have that tendency, too, “Oh, I am the creator.” God is the Controller, we try to be the controller. God is the Enjoyer, we have that tendency also.

So at some point I decided I’m going to operate, I’m going to be independent. In the spiritual world there’s no facility for me to exercise that desire, “I’m going to be independent, I’m going to be number one, the controller, the enjoyer, etc.” In the spiritual world it’s impossible for me to exercise that. That position is already taken, God fully occupies that position.

But God knows our desires and therefore He fulfills our desires. So He creates the material world to give us a place to come and try to live out this fantasy. So we come into the material world on this mission, this is our agenda: “I am the supreme, my will be done, I am in the center of my universe and everyone and everything revolves around me.” The false god. And so here we are playing the game. Look around and you’ll see all of us are trying to do the same thing: to be the best, to be number one, to be the enjoyer, to be the owner, we want to own more and more.

So we have all this competition:
– This is mine!
– Oh, this is mine!
We divide the planet up into different countries:
– This is my country!
– This is my country!
– Oh, I want it!
– No, you can’t have it.
– Let’s fight about it!
– Ok!
So we have wars, controlling, ownership – false ownership, of course.

Even our bodies, we think, “This is my body.” It’s not our body. Did you create it? No. Can you maintain it without God’s giving us what we need to maintain it? Can you preserve it? Can you keep it from dying? No, you can’t, see. So it’s obvious it’s not ours, but we claim it to be. It goes on and on in this way.

But the main idea is: I’m trying to enjoy separate or independent of God. So I have all these facilities around, “I will enjoy in this way, I will enjoy in that way.” We have our senses to do their part in the overall enjoying part of the life. But really it doesn’t work.