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In this section, the latest publications from all sections of the site appear (and are replaced automatically as they appear). If you are already familiar with the lectures of Balakhilya das and you are wondering what new materials have appeared recently, this section may be of interest to you. If you would like to receive information about the latest publications by email – contact us, then we will know that it is interesting to you, and we will add this feature in the future.


9. Q&A:Suicidi

. In this video Balakhilya das gives enlightening answers to questions relevant to all of us. He talks about things ...
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8. Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Human form of life is designed for spiritual realization. Advancement on this path is the only answer for anxiety, it ...
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7. Finding Stable Ground

We want stability but we live in a changing world. If we are solid inside then external change does not ...
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6. Allow The Change To Happen

Material world is a very unstable place, you never know what is around the corner. But when you are on ...
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5. Eating Cardboard

Yoga teachings tell us about real happiness and spiritual nourishment which satisfies us deep inside and addresses all our needs ...
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Happiness is our inherent characteristic. That is why we are always looking for pleasure and usually trying to get it ...
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3. Struggling To Keep Afloat

Ancient yoga science gives answers to any questions and shows us right approach to stress and anxiety. Understanding our true ...
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2. The Reality Of Anxiety

Anxiety is everywhere, no matter where you live, how rich you are and what your social status is. Anxiety has ...
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1. Mantra Meditation

For those who are often in anxiety there is a wonderful meditation technique. Learn this easy and effective deep breathing ...
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4. A song for the trees

Transcendental sound has a purifying effect on all living entities, no matter what body they have at the moment. Singing ...
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3. Social media versus real life

Everybody wants to be liked and we want other people to like the way we look and live. We do ...
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2. Materialism is the biggest religion

Nowadays people worshiping money and material success, they want to become leaders and get social recognition. All this is promoted ...
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1. Fox chasing the rabbit

Life in the material world is a real struggle. There are so many species of life and survival of one ...
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7. Practical guidance (Video)

This amazing process will make it so you can purify your own heart and mind plus everybody around you – ...
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/ Yoga diet 2 (Video)

6. Spiritual food (Video)

How can food have a spiritual effect on us? It is possible by means of this simple yet powerful process ...
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/ Yoga diet 2 (Video)

5. Where does meat eating lead? (Video)

The Vedas reveal to us the truth about the consequences of meat eating. There are very clear and simple rules ...
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/ Yoga diet 2 (Video)

4. Why can vegetarianism be helpful? (Video)

The food we eat greatly affects our mind. Anger, aggressiveness, depression and many mental diseases like schizophrenia and autism may ...
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/ Yoga diet 2 (Video)

3. What diet is good for a human? (Video)

Let’s look at the body of a carnivore and a human - the design of their digestive systems and the ...
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/ Yoga diet 2 (Video)

2. Causes of diseases in the modern world (Video)

A lot of our health problems are related to lifestyle choices. We are making a choice to live an unhealthy ...
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/ Yoga diet 2 (Video)