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So what to do about this? There are two things. Number one, learn about the law of karma and other laws of material nature, learn what we should do with our human form of life. Sometimes people ask, “I wonder why I was born. I wonder if there was some purpose for it. Maybe I was supposed to do this or I was supposed to do that.” Or a person may feel that this is my destiny; this is what I was meant to do. But really, according to the Vedas, there’s one sole purpose for all humanity and that is spiritual realization, God realization, learning all of this truth of life, learning we’re spirit souls, getting out of the illusion that I am this body, learning that there is a Supreme Soul.

This is not a creation of people making up that there is a God. The materialist, the atheists have their philosophy: there is no God, man is creating God, man wants someone to pray to, to feel subordinate to, to ask someone for help – man is creating God. But this is not true. According to scriptures, God created man. And it’s obvious that man is not the controller. Any individual can understand very quickly: I’m not in control. Things happening in my life every day make it understandable: I’m not in control.

So we must learn we are spirit soul, there’s a Supreme Soul and we’re subordinate to the Supreme Soul: I’m not equal, my position is actually subordinate. And my function: what is my function? My function is to serve the Supreme Soul, to serve the Supreme Lord. This is who I really am. This is not who I think I am; this is who I really am. I am the eternal servant of the Supreme Lord.

This is incredible knowledge. This is more valuable than any education that’s ever been achieved on this planet. We’ve put so much energy into gaining material knowledge and almost no efforts into achieving spiritual knowledge, but we can change all that.