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It is said until one comes to the mode of goodness they cannot really understand spiritual truth. We just cannot get it, we cannot understand it, it is not important.

From the mode of goodness we can step off to the mode of pure goodness and this is when we are under a different influence. That is Krishna’s direct influence.

The modes of nature are Krishna’s indirect influence. Everything is Krishna’s influence but the influence of these material modes of nature is not favorable for the soul. The mode of goodness helps us to come to the mode of pure goodness where I am now under the direct influence of Krishna, which means I’ve transcended the influence of the modes of nature.

All the great devotees of God, the perfect spiritual teachers are on this pure goodness transcendental platform. They are not doing what they do because of material nature’s influence and this is their message to everyone.

In the Bhagavad-Gita there is one whole chapter “The Three Modes of Material Nature” and a portion of the 18th chapter dedicated to this subject. So obviously it is very important.

Everyone has the same opportunity to do this; there is only one thing required; that is desire, and that is all. However, under the modes of ignorance and passion ones desires are different because these modes produce them.

This is why in spiritual life; true spiritual yoga teaching there are rules and regulations. Do not do this because it will put you under this influence or do this because it will put you under the influence of the mode of goodness. And then when you are there you can do more. We should not be afraid of a regulated life guided by the Supreme Lord. What are we afraid of, that we will not be happy? Are we happy now? Are you having fun yet?

Yes, it is totally the influence of this illusion, which makes it so that we are afraid that I will not be happy. We spend all our time and energy doing things that guarantee we will never be happy. So we have to give up listening to our mind, our senses, our perverted intelligence and listen to the truth and follow it. Then we will be guaranteed to be happy.

So that is the idea for tonight, do not forget. In Kali Yuga we forget, at least remember something, all right.