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A good thing to do is regulate the time that you do your meditation. Yoga is about regulated life style. More and more we are very unregulated.

It should be an internal regulation, not my boss regulates me externally – I have to go to work so I do it at a certain time. No, internally. You say, ok, I get up at this time; I do my meditations at this time and I have my program so to speak.You will find it very beneficial, eating at a regular time, sleeping at a regular time. This is the system; if we harmonize with this system we will get great benefit.

Early morning is the best time for spiritual practice. Early morning means between 4 o’clock and 7 o’clock in the morning, we will talk about that in a moment. So just some hints and advice, if we take all the little parts, all the advice and put them together, it becomes quite easy and could become very efficient.