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One thing that I will mention at this point. As our society has advanced (we call it advancement, material advancement), we have entered into an electronic age. And we have all become enamored by electronic devices: our cellphones, our computers, our i-Pads, all this, and all the things connected with that, all the Internet and the web-sites, and the social web-sites, etc., etc.

And now with the devices that make it so that I can instantly access VKontakte, Facebook and the Instagram, I can send something to everybody. So we have our social site and our friends on our site, “Oh, now I have 500 friends!” And I can immediately send them any message or picture I want, but I am still lonely.

What we’ve done is more and more isolating ourselves from personal contact. Nobody is walking around like this, “Hello, how are you?”, smiling, nice day, “How do you feel?”, meeting new people. No, it is all like this: walking down the street like this (makes typing sounds).

I saw three young guys the other day, they were coming down the street together, all friends I guess, obviously they were together. And every one of them, all three had a cell phone, “Hello…” They didn’t even know each other is there, they didn’t talk to each other, they talk to somebody over there.

So what we are doing is impersonalizing our society more and more and more. We don’t even know how to relate to each other. We can only know how to relate to each other virtually. It is so easy, I don’t even have to smile, I can just send something. “Don’t bother me!” I don’t like what they say, I just delete it. It’s the world of impersonalism.

And we are teaching our kids this from the age of three years old, four years old. Every little kid now has a smartphone. They have got smartphones, but they are dumb kids. (Laughing) Pretty soon no teachers in school, just computers. No teachers to respect, to listen to, to learn how to follow, just no teacher but computer. See, it is all impersonal.

Now understanding what I have just discussed, what is this doing to us, the spirit souls? It’s draining us, it’s putting us in a very, very adverse condition because we need personal relations. We need it.

But we ‘advance’ beyond it. You can’t even call some company and talk to a person, you talk to a computer. It is like where did people go? “It’s too many people!” No, it is too many impersonal relationships.

Camaraderie nourishes the soul. We need these things. So we are actually advancing ourselves into the greater and greater condition of depression, emptiness, loneliness. Not good, not good.