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It is very important to actually see clearly what’s going on. In the Bhagavad-gita it describes intelligence as the ability to see things in their proper perspective, to understand things in their proper perspective. If I am the most materially intelligent person in the world and I don’t know that I’m spirit soul, I am very ignorant.

It is declared in scripture that in the Kali-yuga those who are endowed with sufficient intelligence will take to the sankirtan movement – chanting God’s names congregationally and individually. Those with sufficient intelligence will do it and those who don’t have this intelligence won’t.

We are told throughout our life, I remember it when I was a small kid, “Use your intelligence. Are you stupid? Use your intelligence.” Good advice, very good advice but do we have intelligence to use? This is the question!

Intelligence comes from knowledge. We must learn this truth but we cannot learn unless we inquire. You do not get an answer until you ask a question, so we have to do our part. God is in our heart, He knows our every desire, our every wish. When I actually do inquire about life, “Who am I? What is life?” I will be directed by God to the information necessary for me at that time. I still have the freedom to reject it and be under the influence of everybody else who say “Don’t worry about that stuff!” This is the picture, so hopefully we have sufficient intelligence and we will engage in the hearing and chanting of God’s names.