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We want to thank a lot of people: the musicians at the beginning for a very nice musical presentation and all the theatrical actors. Very nice, very funny, very informative. Actually, there is something to think about. We will be talking about that a little bit. And, of course, we thank you very much for coming. Very nice to see you and know that you are interested in this idea of destiny.

So, before we begin we are going to do a little meditation. We are speaking from the platform of the yoga philosophy. One of the main activities in yoga is meditation. So, we are going to introduce you to that. Tomorrow night we will give you a complete presentation of meditation.

There are three main reasons why we are to do this now. First reason is, this will help us to relax, slow down, go more calm. Second, it makes it easier to understand the subject that we gonna be discussing. Third, you will get to learn meditation, to learn it and go home with it.

A type of meditation we are going to do is called mantra meditation. Mantras are transcendental sounds descending from the spiritual realm. They bring with them spiritual power. When we come in contact with the spiritual potency automatically we receive great spiritual benefit.

In the package that you received there are several cards. We will be using this little yellow one. This is the card that has a mantra on it. The word is GAURANGA. You can see it is divided into four syllables GAU-RA-AN-GA. Just to make sure we have our pronunciation correct let’s all practice saying that now. First, I will say the mantra and then everyone can repeat. Everybody ready?

GAU-RA-AN-GA (the audience repeats twice).

All right, very good. Our technique is quite simple. First, we will breathe in through our nose very slowly, gently and deeply. As we breathe in mentally in the mind we will say GAU-RA-AN-GA. When our body is filled with air we will begin to exhale. And on the outgoing breath out loud we will say GAU-RA-AN-GA. Then we are going to repeat this several times. Before we begin we want to relax. To help us relax we take a deep breath and let it out. While we do the meditation we want to listen very closely to the sound and put the mind on the sound. In other words, we meditate on the sound. When we finish we will sit quietly for a couple of moments and feel the effect.

I will give you a demonstration so you can see exactly how it works. Then we can all do it together. Of course, we encourage everybody to take part in the meditation. Ok, here is the demonstration. I begin by taking a deep breath and relaxing. Now very slowly, gently and deeply I inhale.


Ok, it is just that easy. Let’s all do that now. It helps to sit erect in your seat. It assists our breathing. Remember to relax, meditate on the sound and sit quietly in the end. So, just follow my guidance. Everybody take a big breath, let it out and relax. Now very slowly, gently and deeply I inhale.

GAU-RA-AN-GA. (repeated several times with the audience)