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To all of you who have found this web site, Welcome. I am glad that you are here and it is my hope that you will take something with you that will be a guiding light in your life.

I came to this philosophy of truth in a very indirect way. I became interested in hatha yoga as a means to improve my surfing which at that time (1969)was my whole life. The benefit was immediately apparent and I began to look deeper into the subject. Through reading I began to practice some simple meditations, adopted a yoga diet (vegetarian), and spent more time in deeper contemplation of the truths of life. I had always been a traveler, and now I embarked on an inner journey. All the while my world, both external and internal, became more peaceful and calm. All very positive.

In 1971 I had the incredible good fortune ( by Divine arrangement I am sure) to meet my Spiritual Masters. At last, under their expert guidence, I received and followed the ancient wisdom of Bhakti Yoga and have continued to do so until this day. What a beautiful and fullfilling journey it has been. But this journey has been a vertical journey for this soul and not just the horizontal travel of this mundane world.

So I wish that you all may have the same fortune and blessing that I have, undeserving as I am. All the best.

Balakhilya das