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Reincarnation. A very interesting subject, very controversial subject. There is a saying we should ask our self: “Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I go when death-throe is near?” So we need to learn about all of these truths. We will enlighten you on reincarnation.


Reincarnation is a very interesting subject. More and more people are becoming interested in it. It’s also sometimes a controversial subject. It’s interesting that in America in the 1980s they took a survey and at that time they found that 23% of the population accepted reincarnation. A recent survey showed that now 60% of the population accepts reincarnation. So there’s been a great increase in receptivity;


Reincarnation (VIDEO, IN ENGLISH ONLY)

All right, so thank you very much for coming, we are happy to see so many people interested in our subject of reincarnation. So we are going to begin with a little meditation. This is part of the yoga teachings. And there are many yoga systems, but in all different yoga teachings, systems, paths meditation is one of the main activities.


Reincarnation - is it a problem. Reason of reincarnation

So according to the concept of reincarnation - before we were in this body and this life we were in a previous body and a previous life. Then when we leave this body at death we enter into another body and have a future life, so many before and many after. This is called “the wheel of birth and death” or “the cycle of birth and death.”


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