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Reincarnation. A very interesting subject, very controversial subject. There is a saying we should ask our self: “Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I go when death-throe is near?” So we need to learn about all of these truths. We will enlighten you on reincarnation.

Reincarnation - is it a problem. Reason of reincarnation

So according to the concept of reincarnation - before we were in this body and this life we were in a previous body and a previous life. Then when we leave this body at death we enter into another body and have a future life, so many before and many after. This is called “the wheel of birth and death” or “the cycle of birth and death.”



Reincarnation is a very interesting subject. More and more people are becoming interested in it. It’s also sometimes a controversial subject. It’s interesting that in America in the 1980s they took a survey and at that time they found that 23% of the population accepted reincarnation. A recent survey showed that now 60% of the population accepts reincarnation. So there’s been a great increase in receptivity;


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