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Who am I? (VIDEO)

However we are not the body, we are spirit soul and as a spirit soul we need spiritual food. We never get it, we don’t know about this. We do know that there is something missing in our lives, we do know that. Everyone, if they are honest and introspective at all, will know: I have got what I have got, but there is still something missing.


Consciousness (VIDEO)

Always remember – your true identity is spirit soul. It is your eternal identity, that’s who you eternally are. That never changes. In one lifetime you pursue many different identities. But this is all material. Our true spiritual identity is eternally the same. And what is that identity? I am the eternal loving servant of the Supreme Lord. That’s who we are, we can’t change it.


Designation of the human form of life

We are actually the opposite of our bodies. Our bodies are material energy. All energy comes from the Supreme Lord. But there are two categories of energy. One is called inferior. That is the material energy. One is called superior. That is the spiritual energy. The material world is basically composed of the inferior material energy. In the Vedas it is described that it is composed from earth, water, fire, air and ether. Those five energies make up the material physical body.



Without spiritual knowledge we don’t know what to do with our life, with all the different activities in this world, with our so-called knowledge. So we’re making a big mess and it’s ever increasing. That’s why it’s so important to study the truth. There’s a great Vedic scripture called the Shrimad-Bhagavatam and in the beginning there’s a famous mantra, or sloka, which states, “Now is the time to inquire into the Absolute Truth!”


The Yoga of relationship

So the Vedas teach us that we, the eternal spirit soul, will never be happy, never be satisfied until we have that eternal relationship with the perfect person. Intuitively we all know that, everybody knows that, that is why we are looking for the perfect person. And I know if I could find that perfect person and have that loving relationship, I would be happy. That we know. The heart tells us that, you don’t have to go to school to learn that. The baby knows it, everybody knows it because that’s the nature of the soul, it’s the truth of life.


New birth

So when a person advances in spiritual life, one of the changes that takes place is the way they see things, the way they understand things, their world view as we could say. So that's something that is very beneficial, we need to change the way we see life.



Life is very short. We are born, very quickly we grow up, we get involved in many different activities in our life, and then we die. And it is over in a very short time. And what did we do? What did we accomplish? Some people have the idea that, “Oh yes, when I get old, then I will start to think about spiritual things.” So everybody is under some illusion that they are going to live to be very old. “Oh, I am going to live to be 70-80.” Every day thousands and thousands of people die on this planet at a young age. There are no guarantees.



We, the spirit soul, are very small, very tiny, we are not powerful, we are not in positions of control. True enough we have a little control, we have a little power, but it’s very small. So because of this we are always controlled. And there are only two controlling forces: the Supreme Lord or Maya (which is Illusion).


Fish on the land

So that is the way it is with us. We are that fish in the wrong place, the wrong environment. As long as I, the spirit soul, am in the material world, I will have a problem. No one can solve my problem. I can go to the best psychologist and he can’t help me. I can go to all my friends, I can go on the Internet, ask Google about it – Google can’t solve my problem either. Why? Because they don’t know the solution.


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