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The powers which influence us

The modes of nature are the subject tonight. And this is something we don't learn in modern world education. Unfortunately we don't learn a lot of things we really need to know. The modes of nature are dealing with the material world. We are in the material world. We are in material bodies. So therefore we should know about the material arrangement.


Three modes of material nature (video)

The material world in one regard is made up of the three modes of material nature. These modes of nature influence us and under their influence we act a certain way.


How the Internet affects children

I was just reading some article about how the Internet affects children. It is becoming a real problem. So these authorities (psychiatrists, parents, etc.), they are beginning to become very concerned about it. Rightly so.


Impersonal world

So what we are doing is impersonalizing our society more and more and more. We don’t even know how to relate to each other. We can only know how to relate to each other virtually. It is so easy, I don’t even have to smile, I can just send something. “Don’t bother me!” I don’t like what they say, I just delete it. It’s the world of impersonalism.


About respect

So respect is very important. But as we go more and more away from any semblance of God's system, all the things that are detrimental to our lifes increase so respect is disappearing from our society. Among the youth it's like almost doesn't exist.


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